Bernd 10/23/2019 (Wed) 18:38:41 No.30858 del
Speaking of the Ottomans, I find the transition in Ottoman Turk military strategy fairly interesting. When they were still fairly small, there was an emphasis on using superior tactics to outmaneuver their enemies but as they got stronger and more powerful, it seemed like their strategy gradually shifted to just fielding huge amounts of troops and throwing them into the fray in hopes of overwhelming the enemy. Most of the time it worked but you can also see how it worked against them as they also began suffering massive casualties in the process. I wonder what prompted this change? Did they just stop giving a fuck? You can see the old ways of tactical superiority occasionally come back when the Turks were engaged in battles against uneven odds but it seemed like from Suleiman onwards, wars of attrition became the standard. Did the Ottomans really have that many people to spare as cannon fodder?