Bernd 11/14/2019 (Thu) 18:56:12 No.32005 del
>Holy shit this was a stupid idea.
>I meant Russians copied it much later to create shittier versions.
In other words, our Russian friends hated the idea because they can't into maintenance. And so, the idea never really worked out for them as well as it should have.

As per: >>31997 it was a good idea for it's time and place. Also, I might add, the name of the game now is made up of an apocalyptic four, for our heirs of the Red Baron.

1) Sufficiently stealthly.
2) Electronic warfare.
3) Nightmarishly sophisticated intelligent long range missiles. And,
4) Science fictionally advanced airflow physics modeling.

The 1960's eggheads really knew their stuff. They understood what was coming from just over the horizon. They just couldn't deliver fast enough and had to innovate as best they could with the more limited technologies of their day. In that respect, they delivered.

Today, I know of no fighter pilot willing to drop his Winchester; lesson learned. That day is coming though, once they see the advantages it holds for themselves.