Bernd 12/27/2019 (Fri) 16:39:27 No.33508 del
I know at least one sociable person, who is quite a womanizer and wanks a lot as well. Ofc he might be the exception I just simply don't know too many people's habits to judge that. I know however that generally sociable and fairly successful men masturbates the same as lone ones. Those with partners, and even married ones do the same. In company I heard not one occasion wives telling how they caught their husbands doing do deed and were surprised to know that they do it all the time these ladies weren't hasty telling their own masturbational habits tho.
And on the other side, sociable people, with friends and grills around can also cultivate alcoholism just the same as lonely ones. Then alcoholism could lead to social isolation as they may slip down the slope, losing jobs, wealth, family etc. But there are several types of alcoholics, some just always need to have a little buzz but don't need to drink themselves snotty drunk.
From what I read on imageboards, many anons masturbate excessively - if their statements can be believed -, and many others (and more than likely the same ones) suffers some kind of addiction from games to drugs. So basically wanking is another addiction. I think it's just they have no other meaningful things to do.
I also believe if they were taken out of their place, circumstances, situation and were given a daily routine, tasks, and a new lifestyle that would help them a lot. Maybe we should create a foundation getting Soros to sponsor us and make a rehab for chan users.

I think drinking (alcohol) can lead to alcoholism.