Bernd 04/06/2020 (Mon) 01:10:08 No.35673 del
I think I got a positive ID on the Swedebernd here: Here he calls Sweden a "lobotomized nwo country" >>25753 while linking to Miles Mathis. Turns out that he posts on a Wordpress site called "Cutting Through the Fog" and so does a Swede called "Idontuseacar", who types the same and even uses the same term for Sweden:
>Sweden the most lobotomized nwo country in the world is doing pretty much the reverse of everyone with regards to corona virus. And im baffled to say the least. The country is not doing a lock down, but the borders are closed apparently, but not for asylum seekers. Everything is open, only real difference ive seen is that buses dont open at the front. And that in some shops ive seen that the toilet paper are gone.
Let's bring him back!