Bernd 05/11/2020 (Mon) 13:50:09 No.36673 del
Begs the question: Why does Miles still associate with a jewish man who even has this stereotypical mod-god complex? Here's what he had to defend himself before:
>Honestly, Josh is the toughest call I have had to make in my short career as a Truther. He admitted from the start he was in Israel, and my gut reaction was to dump him based only on that. Given what I have been discovering, the odds were very high he was trying to run some sort of confidence trick on me. However, odds don't always pan out. Odds can give you a hunch, but they can't provide a final decision. In Josh's favor he has written two long and well researched papers on Gandhi and Dreyfus, in neither of which could I find any spin. They were good enough to publish, and I published them. You will say he just wanted to write those papers so that I didn't do it myself, and that is possible. But I am still free to research Gandhi and Dreyfus further if I wish. Josh isn't stopping me. He has also provided me with other bon mots, rounding out later research I was doing on various topics. For instance, after reading my paper on Hitler's Genealogy, he pointed me to the article in Der Zeit where later Hitlers changed their names to Hiller. I found that very useful and added it to the paper. He has also defended me in various forums.
But then again, he was calling POM an op in the same article, yet Josh was a part of it. So what's his position on him then?