Bernd 06/08/2020 (Mon) 06:41:13 No.37502 del
Don't you know? O-lav = O-levi, so Olav really means Levi.
Pahlavi is also "Levi" according to one of his friends, "Donny Ohzmond":
>And did you notice the last four letters of the House of Karen-Pahlevi? This meansPahlavi is a Levi.
<The term Pahlavi is said[3] to be derived from the Parthian language word parthav or parthau, meaning Parthia, a region just east of the Caspian Sea, with the -i suffix denoting the language and people of that region. If this etymology is correct, Parthav presumably became pahlaw through a semivowel glide rt (or in other cases rd) change to l, a common occurrence in language evolution (e.g. Arsacid sard became sal, zard>zal, vard>gol, sardar>salar etc.). The term has been traced back further[3] to Avestan pərəthu- "broad [as the earth]", also evident in Sanskrit pŗthvi- "earth" and parthivi "[lord] of the earth". Common to all Indo-Iranian languages is a connotation of "mighty".
Also, isn't it redundant to look for "jewish", i.e. middle eastern features when doing a paper on the ruling elite of a middle eastern country? He is right though, since Shapur II (of the Sassanid dynasty) was technically jewish, but it's mixed with a bunch of nonsense.