Bernd 06/08/2020 (Mon) 14:55:05 No.37528 del
Good points. So he follows the standard modus operandi, demoralization, constant lying, the appeal to his "authority" etc.

Maarten did a good write up which nails it imo

"C. That someone else (person or committee) supplies the basic drafts of those later papers, and MWM’s job is to punch them up with his combative prose and cynical humor. (Edit [addition]: Look at the comments he inserts in colored font on guest papers, then imagine those being reworked into the body of the text; a few more tweaks and you turn a guest paper into an MWM production.) That’s the work of only a few hours a week, which could easily be accomplished by someone who also has paintbrushes to clean. Thus, the primary writing is not by MWM but by anonymous accomplices; and yet he is, in your words, still “the conduit for the info on his site.”"

I feel dumb to have bought it hook line and sinker but these people are everywhere it seems.

I think especially the demoralization and the constant pushing of we vs them is most harmful.