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His cv is a bit strange, just from gut feeling I think he was recruited in college and it just went from there. He moved around alot, then went to europe apparently, how did he support himself financially? I mean he never had a typical job so where is his cash coming from? A writer at pom stated that he had unsold paintins all over the place, so people arent buying his art. Dont you need a visa to stay in europe if you are an american?
Let's see; there's a bio of him written by a fangirl of his, supposedly a French Canadian named Marie-Claude Lacroix:
<Other art trips to Bruges, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Bordeaux, Copenhagen, Paris, Goteburg, Rome, Florence, and Venice were equally enlightening if somewhat less "disobedient." Miles never seemed to learn a respect for authority however, as he was ejected from the Cathedral in Vienna at Christmas mass in 1999 for wearing a stocking cap (after a nasty look from the Cardinal himself).
So is that his backstory for not liking authorities? A bugger isn't it?
A month ago, Miles did briefly cover the origins of blonds/Aryans, and basically claimed that any blond tall person that's important is part-jewish and the lower ones are just peasants being extorted. He basically just claims that the people from the bloodlines are usually rich, therefore they're bad. He claims that they don't need to move around in the snow that much as their base was in Palestine, therefore they have more time to conquer things, which is why the Phoenicians dominated the world and why jews do now, and claims that it's all a difference in how much they sleep. Apparently sleeping more is a good thing, though that's a ruse as well; the real problem is NEEDING to sleep more, not that you should always sleep more. That's another result of industrialism and the awful food most people eat.
Blood doesn't matter whatsoever and is just discarded. It's perfectly possible that some jew could change their name, create a fake genealogy (or steal someone's identity), and then cooperate with Miles and he'd say that he's a white man with no jewish blood whatsoever, as he doesn't really recognise jewish characteristics.
Josh admittedly never got into conspiracies until January of 2016 (this is also a common theme, Miles touched on the JFK assassination in 2008 but only truly indulged himself in conspiracies after Sandy Hoax; just for scale, the 9/11 truth movement, which was openly being shown on TVs and often being pushed as false opposition throughout the entirety of the 2000s, yet Miles never gets into it until 2013).
>Greetings and Welcome! In January of 2016, I saw a link to the documentary, September 11 – The New Pearl Harbor in the list of ‘related videos’ list on YouTube. The scales fell from my eyes. It all seemed so obvious. It wasn’t as if the perpetrators had done a good job of hiding the fact that it was “an inside job.” I felt that even a cursory examination of the evidence would be enough to show that we were lied to. So the only way I could have gone nearly 15 years without realizing it was simply by ignoring it or telling myself “it couldn’t be.” I decided that I would never again allow myself to ignore or reject any theory on the basis of plausibility. I swore to myself that I would pursue the evidence for any idea or any theory, no matter how absurd it seemed.
Josh has no picture, biography or voice and nobody has even claimed to have met him, but apparently Josh has his own email and Reddit account (of course), so it has to be a large part-time job for Miles to do so.