Bernd 06/08/2020 (Mon) 17:09:56 No.37555 del
It's probable that he just takes a conglomerate of theories, analyses them, and then fits them all into one post, and then stretches it out so that it may be artificially elongated. He basically stole Phoenicianism from Gerry (who isn't the originator of it anyways, but seemed to have introduced it to him, and did far more work than Miles ever did), remember? Miles used to be known for his tall tales, and that's probably why false-flag-hoaxes get to him so much.
Some of his older articles are plain disgusting:
>Tess was seven when we met. I did not expect her, even in the everyday sense of the word. My appointment was with her mother, an art agent, whom I also had not met before. But as I came from the back of my house to answer the door, I saw her, this young girl, standing on my front porch, squeezed close to the screen door by her mother behind her, peering through my open entryway. She wore a light-red dress with miniature white polka dots, and shiny black shoes with white stockings. Her hair was waist-length and straight, golden and silver at the same time. But it was her eyes, even through the screen, that held me
Pedo tendencies?