Bernd 06/09/2020 (Tue) 05:20:21 No.37579 del
To be fair, Miles said after that that he often uses British slang as he adopted it from his travels in Europe, so Weisbecker might be wrong (though he is right about other things, namely Miles stealing others' work). However, him travelling Europe is itself a red flag as we're supposed to believe this guy was just a random Texan. In-fact, Miles Mathis actually resembles Brenton Tarrant, it's just that the latter was some random Australian travelled the world. Was Tarrant based on Miles?
Anyways, it's more likely that Miles is a real person but a shill, though "Miles Mathis" could be a fake name. George Eliot was his self-insert in his blog, and none of the rest of his family bears the name "Mathis", it's Williams, and Mathis sounds like a pun on "math", because he's a mathematician. He probably really adopted this fake name (since shows him as "Miles William Mathis"), while his real birth name is unknown. By the way, look at his other names. "George Eliot Williams" Abbreviated, that literally spells out GEW. What is Miles Mathis? A JEW.
He might've been a regular richboy until Josh noticed his works, he seems to be the real stageplayer in all of this. He was supposedly a Latin student, yet uses Wikipedia for everything. Now isn't that strange? Also, why are there so many French people into his works? Why is his biographer a French Canadian?