Bernd 06/09/2020 (Tue) 16:45:44 No.37591 del
And we know that the enlightment was a freemason/jew led operation. Funny how words are used. I mean. Enlightenment. Enlighten. Sounds like something positive right? When its the totally opposite. Kind of like smart phones. Smart devices. Its the opposite, it only makes you more stupid.

You should check out lamarck, he was kind of the first who wrote about evolution, but its not the kind of evolution darwin (who stole most of his ideas) talks about. The darwinistic idea is that the strongest survive and thrive, which just sets up the "elite" and makes excuses for them being in power.

Lamarck wrote amongst other things that its not tough conditions, a kind of dog eat dog world that makes us grow as humans, its the opposite. Lamarck got buried and ignored like so many others that didnt fit the agenda. Same with Bechamp. When it comes to biology there are so many that has just gotten ignored even though their research was brilliant.

Funny word that, research. Re-search. Searching for something that was lost?

Did you read weisbeckers piece on corbett? NLP seems to be very common among the alternative media.