Bernd 06/09/2020 (Tue) 17:01:03 No.37592 del
Yes, I'm aware of Lamarck. It's possible that Mendelian inheritance could be grouped with the germ and cell theories as part of the modern agenda in weakening men by the way.
Corbett is a massive op. Although false opposition and false outlets go back a long time, he's essentially herding all of them into one bloc and turning it into a slaughterhouse of sorts. The entire alt-media has been conquered this way, look at how nearly all "truther" websites, even small ones often resemble each-other and have similar themes (for instance, some saying that the jews are bad, but later saying that jews are actually a "pro-white racist" movement or "not lal jews" later on, this happened with both Miles Mathis and Hexane527 and their blogs).