Bernd 06/09/2020 (Tue) 17:34:31 No.37594 del
>I think that public schooling does the biggest damage to organisms. John taylor gatto has written about that. Our enviroment plays a huge part, I would say bigger role than food or any kind of medicine.
I blame this more-so on suburbanism, a subset of industrialism but also the aspects instilled in public school from a young age. Nowadays nobody even knows their old friends from school, because they've all went to different schools and colleges so they can advance their "careers", i.e. social status in the technocracy. There's no way out aside to jack yourself off, smoke weed, or play all the games that they made for you, and we'll try to scare you into not escaping this entirely. Nearly everybody uses cars, so nobody can talk to each other on the street anymore as these cars either prevent you from doing so or disrupt highways. Nearly everybody uses credit cards, so the bankers have even more control over your ways of communication. Nearly everyone uses spyware apps, and if you don't like that you must go full on RMS, etc., all of these are factors alongside private school.
>People talk about how fluoride is bad and dont drink the tap water, sure its bad. But the soaps and shampoos people use are a hell of alot worse to our endocrine system.
Is it actually that we only do drink tap water? Animals drink water straight from the river and they're perfectly fine, older men just 100 years ago did it and they were fine too. It's likely that the industrial revolution made river water harder to drink. Anyways, yes, soaps and shampoos used today are awful. I've heard egg yolk along with olive oil are both good substitutes for shampoo, while making your own soap using alkaline and olive oil should be good as well.
>Corbett is herding them? Or who do you mean? I think all alt media runs from a centralized system, thats why they all talk from the same papers. Essentially they same the same thing, but marketed for different folks.
They're probably run by linked agencies, but Corbett is to justify their linkeage, so none of them even appear completely independent. There are all of these "heroes" that talk to each other, some have different ideologies and consider themselves more knowledgeable, they even start thinking in meta-narratives so that they come off as normal people and not just spooks themselves, they often even accuse each other of being shills, but never talk to normal people in a civilised manner. The Corbett report does exactly this.