Bernd 06/13/2020 (Sat) 10:55:29 No.37743 del
>industrialism and all its components are utter fecal matter
Wholeheartly agree and I would go a step further and say that the renaissance was a complete disaster for the earth.

>Other way around: It's to make people believe in moral relativism. Just ask yourself, why do all of these "truth-seekers" say that all of their drivel is "only their opinion"? Because they don't give a flying french fry about the truth, they're only trying to laugh at the people gullible enough to buy it while injecting enough facts, that people who reject him will question them.
I get the feeling he wants to impose nihilism unto his followers, not necessarily meaning that he is one.
>I'm talking about founding a tribe dedicated to this. What will all of these "truthers" like Miles and Hexane think about it? They'll immediately claim it's a psy-op and that EVERYTHING is either a government op or will be infiltrated and become on. Prime-tier demoralisation. Say he doesn't go with that, Miles believes in moral relativism, so to him there's no purpose to found a tribe, instead literally writing papers 24/7 and eating a bunch of junk food is the way to go. Say he doesn't go with that, he'll probably reject it as a psy-op because Miles is a liberal, and tribalism needs to be hierarchical to function properly; he'll claim we're Phoenicians or something for doing so; and he'd forbid any racialist or anti-homosexual beliefs! In-fact, so much so that on the forum Cutting through the fog, there are literal crossdressers that admit to being longtime Miles readers:
Liberalism is a funny word because it can mean so many different things to different people. Same with anarchism. Its really a war of words, or with memes to understand the meanings of things. I just read the other day that the term "smart" has over 90 meanings!
>So what I meant is that there's no way to starve the beast with Miles' beliefs, only to feed it while being artificially "aware" of the truth.
Miles papers are like poison to the soul because its just his "opinions" at the end of the day. There is no facts backing it up, no positive message, no solutions what so ever. Im completely comvinced that all alt media is controlled because they all follow the same template. Have you heard anyone telling people to not use technology? To make their own food? Its all just depressing stories about oligarchs getting richer whilst the poor suffer, without any end to it.