Bernd 06/19/2020 (Fri) 09:16:43 No.37939 del
Miles might be aware of this thread:
>Also, there’s an entire thread at another forum where people are bashing you and your disclosures. Especially the connections to peerage and Phoenicians. Won’t post a link here though. Just wanted to share this here. Some of us have more time on our hands. If anybody is interested in going to that forum to help set the record straight, I’ll email the link to Josh and he can then share it with you privately.
Connections to peerage and Phoenicinas = my entire statement on how assuming every "Stewart" is some blueblooded spook from the House of Stuart is ridiculous.
>Thanks, Echo, I got your e-mail with the link. Spook nest confirmed.
So Josh, the Californian jew with no bio is now accusing someone (be it me or someone else if it's some other forum0 of being a spook apparently.
>They are trying desperately to get me to sue them for defamation, since that is all they have left. They figure that will make me waste a lot of time and energy, and maybe cost me money I don’t have. But everyone already knows those people are paid liars, so I don’t really need to prove it in court.
Red-flaggish, could be referring to someone else. Nothing's pointing to me trying to sue them for defamation.
>But as I have said before, if anyone wants to take the case pro bono, I recommend it as a slamdunk. They have also called me a pedophile, so there is some money to won there. I will give a very large percentage of any money recovered to the attorney.
So he's sending a bit of a spook brigade against whatever the forum may be. Some Canadian popped out of nowhere, and that's really suspicious isn't it? And nobody "accused" him of being a pedophile, he outed himself as one, by self-inserting as a nude artist fucking a 13 year old girl in a blog, or having a 7 year old girl as his muse. I don't know how I could sue him for this however, considering only the act itself is punishable. Either way, having pedo tendencies as a whole is a massive red flag, especially when he's denying jewish correlation with pedophilia.
Whatever the case may be, I don't give a damn about trying to sue anyone. Only one person brought the narrative in, and that's Miles. Another pointer indicating that this could be some other forum however is that "Chris Ryska" says this:
>One guy was really coming against him, saying he researched his school history in Austin and found him wanting. He was accusing Miles of everything in the book so he was pretty much outing himself.
Nobody here saw his school history in Austin, so it may refer to some other spook hellhole. However, that spook hellhole is pushing rhetoric otherwise suspiciously similar to what's going on here, and around the same time. Odd, whatever the case may be.