Bernd 07/19/2020 (Sun) 06:47:14 No.38699 del
(224.89 KB 1000x656 Map1.jpg)
(436.54 KB 1280x905 Map2.png)
(250.24 KB 1000x600 Map3.jpg)
Broken image. Gonna scrub that and you can post it again.
I found these but from your description we need something we can edit more quick and easy. Still maybe the the second one would be usable if the colors would be less shaded.
Noteworthy feature on the third map: it uses mountains at certain places, I assume those cannot be crossed, prevent movements and attacks between provinces.

So. The calculable values are these for now?
C = Base Conquest Value (constant)
LC = Lowest Conquest Value (constant)
TAS = Total Attacker Strength
CAS = Committed Attacker Strength
TDS = Total Defender Strength
CDS = Committed Defender Strength
F = Total Frontage
O = Outflanking Modifier
MT = Maneuver Usage of Total Strength (constant?)
M = Max Mortality (constant)