Bernd 07/22/2020 (Wed) 02:31:03 No.38733 del
>What rules have to be determined?
Pregame distribution of territory.
Retreat procedure for defeated defenders.
Troop production calculation; how much each territory provides; whether there's a bonus for holding continents, and which are the continents; whether there's more than one kind of unit as I'm thinking about aircraft which are a staple of the kind of Risk I'm used to (War 2) and their production and use.
Troop movement: can an unit move to a bordering territory and partake in an attack, can it move to the other side of the world and partake in an attack, should that be conditional to an energy resource produced in a handful of territories and which players can trade.
Whether there is an additional lightning war phase where, for the price of sacrificing troops and/or this energy resource the attacker can move troops which already attacked further to invade another province.
Or, ditching the aircraft, whether there's a fundamental, more game-defining difference between defensive/garrison forces and offensive forces. Maybe they're produced at a fixed ratio, like 1:1. Or, borrowing from, I think, "Eastern Front 2", there is a single unit type but it has two stages, "spent" and "full" and only "full" can launch attacks; this implies changes to production and to casualty calculation. Or scrap this whole idea as it has the potential of making the game too defensive.
I don't want gimmick mechanics, just a strong core. The exception might be a mechanic for minor powers, outside players' control, all of which covered by the same color but every such territory is independent; according to certain rules they grow in strength and even attack neighboring territories. Some rules for them to appear in abandoned territories or rise up as rebellions.
Whether there is a "force limit" or armies can expand infinitely.
Protocol for players submitting each kind of order, which orders they have and in what sequence they are determined. The sequence of movement, combat and production matters.

Then balance concerns. Depending on production, width and Max Mortality warfare might grow too static, armies may grow faster than warfare exhausts them -probably bad for gameplay- or slower -not bad on the big picture but would also slow the pace a lot.