Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 05:05:53 No.38766 del
>Also all players should edit the map, or just a "game master"?
Every player edits the map on his turn.

Each territory has an assigned numerical value running from 1 to the number of territories. In the beginning through any random process each player gets [(number of players + 1)/number of territories] numbers, which become his starting territories, over each of which he gets a certain number, decently high, of starting troops. Starting territories are likely dispersed all over the globe, and consolidating them should be a challenge.
Surplus territories from rounding and the n+1th part of the map become independent territories, each one of which starts with a number of troops equal to its production * a certain parameter.
Each independent territory is its own independent power, though they have the same color on the map.
After all players have had their turn there is a brief independent territory turn (burden of calculation falls either to the last in line or the first) in which all they do is produce. That is done normally, each territory has a set output and all of the output turns into more of the independent power's units. However it does not grow infinitely but up to a force limit defined as a multiple of the territory's output/production value.

Independent powers launch attacks as part of a phase at the beginning of each player's turn, attacking territories if certain conditions (mainly strength ratios and width) are met. Thus every player on his turn has to check the possibility of invasion from independent powers and calculate its result. As it happens in the beginning he can react to it. Possibly this phase might be moved to the end of the turn to make it more chaotic.

Rebellions appear in random provinces in an interval I have yet to determine, and if victorious form new independent powers.

A new player can enter the game by taking over an independent power, starting from scratch with a single province.