Bernd 07/24/2020 (Fri) 20:48:54 No.38784 del
(322.85 KB 916x527 potatofren.png)
(166.86 KB 1000x520 board-test.png)
(68.10 KB 1052x375 pieces-test.png)
Glad to see bernds being so dedicated to something. I see us playing and having a good time soon.

Just made a game board template. Couldn't find a flat risk board template though. I also took the liberty of making a few game pieces. Wanted to make the experience more personal tbh. This is what I have for now. It's not really final though. Any suggestions for what you want in your game piece are welcome.

I guess after we're done with that, we can start looking for people and deciding a play time. idk. We already have the rules laid out, more or less. Was thinking about adding worry bear and bong frog to the pieces.