Bernd 07/27/2020 (Mon) 01:42:46 No.38810 del
>The territories need names and output numbers, if I understand it correctly.
They need a name - for consistency, the most populous city within them -, an output number - it's used for random determination so any method will do - an economic value/unit output and possibly an assigned continent, but I have not yet thought of how continents would be used. It also needs connections with other territories and each connection needs a width.

As the map is shared in-board as a .png pieces might make things needlessly complicated. If it's right in the middle of a territory you can just wipe it away and paste a new one, but what if it's partially over a border? For simplicity I'd use splotches.

The protocol for a player's turn is the following phases:
0) Verify if neighboring independent powers can launch any offensive and calculate them if possible.

1) Issue attack orders, roll the dice and calculate results (everyone has the spreadsheet on hand). There are two orders available, "Attack" (unit moves into the territory if successful during Maneuver phase) and "Support Attack" (unit stays where it is regardless of Maneuver but otherwise contributes normally to calculation).

Orders must be submitted as:
[Attacking province] [Number of units] [Order type] -> [Attacked province]
São Paulo 3 Support Attack -> Buenos Aires
Nuuk 1 Attack -> Reykjavik

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