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The title is: This is the Mongol.
Based Fedoraguy just throwing mini napalm bombs with his firesteel instead of sparks.
I enjoyed the song, the visuals are a bit kitch, those dancers waving with their forced smiles, all those overly colorful dresses, the too histrionic clothing of the band and the dancers and the shamans, and that ridiculous antler bow, aaaaaaam not sure about them. Just look at pic #3. I mean what Hungarians do sometimes on Kurultai it's over the top, but from actual Mongols I would expect bit more authenticity.
Btw that golden stag in the neck of that chick on pic #4 (on pic #3 too), two was found in the Carpathian basin, one somewhere north of the Black Sea, and I think from the same area a panther. They were on shields. All Scythian in origin.