Bernd 08/02/2020 (Sun) 15:39:56 No.38946 del
>0) Verify if neighboring independent powers can launch any offensive and calculate them if possible.
How the player picks whom the independent attacks? What prevents a player using the independent to weaken a rival?
Well, among us, known posters I assume we could check which is the most feasible avenue of attack for the independent territory, without being (too) partial about it.
>everyone has the spreadsheet on hand
So we need to make a spreadsheet as well.
>Support Attack
I guess this order has a prerequisite: an Attack has to go against a neighbouring province they can join in.
>The economic output necessary for production must come from territories with a continuous connection through friendly territories to the final territory
What if there are several patches of land on the hand of a player? Do everyone has a capital, and only those areas count, which are connected to that?
>economic output
Is this simply a number which tells us how much unit can be produced on a territory? They just simply add up? Or there's a formula to that?
>Transit Rights
So this is kind of a diplomacy?
Also this is basically for moving units (from the territory they were produced, or stationed)?