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I'm interested in what nations see as the legendary battles of their country if they have them.

In Australia we have this ANZAC Legend. This idea of the Australian Soldier being a rough and sturdy farmer from the outback used to living in the bush, a larrakin, stoic and for whom mateship is one of if not the most important thing to him. We have two(possibly three) famous battles that have become part of the fabric of Australian legend. Gallipoli and Kokoda, with the possible addition of Tobruk although it's not really as legendary or famous as the first two.

Gallipoli was one of our first battles and we have this idea that it was a bloodbath. The popular narrative is that it was almost entirely if not entirely an ANZAC affair and that it was instigated by the British who did not care about us and saw us as cannon fodder and therefore they sent us to this massacre to die for little to no purpose. There is even an odd kind of kinship with the Turk over this, where Australians feel that we should not have been there and that the Turks suffered too so were were both victims of the British. Of course looking into this you will find that actually it was not an ANZAC operation, the British and French were a party to it as well and in fact suffered greater than we did, some of the toughest beaches were those stormed by the British. Turkish coastal Artillery actually could not reach Anzac cove and the beach itself was not seen as being all that likely for a major landing so was not too well defended comparatively.