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Opps, I meant Australian War memorial website not war Museum.

It mentions some other interesting things too like the average height.

>{10} A recruit might conceal his age, but not his height. In 1939 the AIF minimum was 5 feet 6 inches (167.6 cm); a year later 5 feet (152 cm) was enough.[24] The patchy figures available suggest an average of about 5 feet 7.7 inches (172 cm), slightly shorter than the American average of 5ft 8.4in (173.7 cm).

And that recruits were dumb.

Table 3: Psychological assessments of intellectual capacity of recruits: Proportion above median for the army standard recruit population (%)

Civil adult male population 72
Recruits (standard recruit population) 51
Recruits allocated to arms 72
Signals 91
Armoured and cavalry 75
Machine guns 72

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