Bernd 01/23/2021 (Sat) 08:03:36 No.42204 del
>No, that was about Long Tan
But could have motivated you to write about the other stuff.

I've still stuff to write and continue. I didn't say, while I had noted it earlier, so that inconsistency could give the impression I finished, sorry.
And yes, there were some official changes, for example the celebration of '56, which was made into a national holiday, but even that is not easy how to interpret. It was a society wide movement, basically a small segment of the ruling elite turned the whole society against them, from communists to real fascists, and everyone between, and after '90 (and basically up to this day) there is a brawl for the heritage of the revolution and war of independence between the participating political groups, everyone trying magnify their own role (and deny others, or misinterpret stuff). Although it's not that sharp or prominent phenomenon.