Bernd 02/20/2021 (Sat) 08:42:06 No.42682 del
Well, that was a fiasco then.
In the Sopranos the doc said when examined Tony when he got food poisoning, that Indians cook with ghee and that could cause digestion problems. I dunno since it's just butter that heated up and cooled down (and some residue skimmed from the top I think), it's "purified" butter.
But with spicy seasoning the taste of bad ingredients (like stale meat and such) can be masked. In warmer climate meat tend to spoil quicker, probably that's why they use such, I see no reason why the chicken would be bad in your area. Other than the restaurant owner being greedy. Although not easy to imagine that in the developed Wekt the restaurants aren't sampled over and over, and monitored due to strict EU regulations.

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