Bernd 02/20/2021 (Sat) 15:22:39 No.42686 del
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There are a number of other problems other than >>33190 which I mentioned before actually.

As I mentioned, most people are worthless. However, moreso than this, clearing habitats for the expansion of man and the alleviation of overpopulation is both pointless and short sighted. Pointless for the aforementioned but short sighted as populations tend to hove at a level that their environment can sustain. Cutting down jungles to provide space will only increase that level, you are still going to end up with overpopulation as the underlying issues that cause it have not been resolved, you have just created more residential land to overpopulate.

Additionally, jungles play an important role in climate control and in biodiversity, you threaten the climate and cause the extinction of animals only to create more slums.

If Brazil was a colony of Britain none of this would be an issue. African and South American nations should never have been granted independence.

Monarchless states are the bane of the world.