Bernd 11/25/2021 (Thu) 07:38:32 No.45674 del
About the fluoride.
I think two reasons to put into toothpaste: 1. it is toxin and kills bacteria; 2. it crystallizes on the teeth creating a resistant coating. The first is my speculation, the second is what I found when I searched "recalcification" or some shit like that.
What it does not do:
Doesn't "recalcifize". Bones and teeth needs calcium and phosphorus, no fluoride (zero). Supposedly saliva contains both the former, and recalcification should happen by itself. Ofc if a person does not consume foodstuff that contains them, it won't happen. Btw karst water should contain bunch of calcium.
Here they advertised toothpastes with fluoride that it builds into the teeth. It doesn't (false advertisement), it forms a layer on that. Supposedly. Just coat your teeth with Hammerite bro.