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Soul scalp tracy jo pollan born on june twenty second nineteen sixty soul orbs and shades and feed it Saturn's twelve pyramids eighty three moons and seven rings as tribute to Kronos in real life not a video game

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42.0773 Longitude: -71.6295
Dallas James Sewall

I am activating the fifth Pentacle of Mars his soul is now sealed as a bokor shinigami.

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No negroes Hispanics or Asians or any women are allowed in Heaven in reality not a video game or simulation

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Every one on gematrix goes to hell inside of the lake of fire when they die in reality not a video game or simulation

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Sophia is not welcome in Heaven neither is Satan Raymond Edward Koceja Austin Lee Meredith Zachary James Carr Zachary Thomas Rozman Zachary Arzmon Steven James Dishon Robert Stebbin or Damar Hamlin.

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Dishon and Blanton family not welcome in Heaven

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each time nepthys summons the ahava curse as a spell against the dutch royal family in florida it will work in reverse and against damar hamlin robert stebbin hilary rodham clinton the meredith families apsu erase Sophia Christos and Charles crowton.

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I am not your prince or motherfucking son. None of you are coming to Heaven including the faggot angels who help you humans try to access Heaven. No women no negroes or Hispanics or Asians. No politicians either. I will kill all of you. In reality not a game. My name ain't Raymond Edward Koceja Austin Lee Meredith Damar Hamlin Robert Stebbin Nick Ulisano some vaccinated asshole or some form of technology or computer. I'm not artificial intelligence artificial general intelligence artificial natural intelligence or artificial sentient intelligence. I'm not a gpt bot or a simulation. Definitely not a video game either. Nor am I an actor, a vaccine, an athlete, a cop, am intelligence agent, a bride, or an animal nature spirit. No one named Sophia is allowed in Heaven. No fake Goddesses are allowed in Heaven. In real life. %99 of all of humanity is destined to go to the real lake of fire inside of hell and burn in reality. Any angel that helped you humans that helped you all against me is sentenced to hell as well. Including the entire NSA. Cicada 3301. Jesuits, Rothschild's and Mark Alan King. As well as every tech firm CEO on the planet and the myk hyn scammer. Jesuits are going for changing part of the old testament so they could try to scape goat me as Satan when that is wrong. I am Christ and Yahweh Father God Himself in one vessel.


Yahweh Father God Himself

Not a game. You Angels who rebelled I'm going to violently murder.

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אני מפעיל את עשרים וחמש מחומשי הכוח בתמורה מלאה לשרמן טקסס על כל הקסם העברי שהוטל עלי בלופ שלא נגמר.

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All claimants in Washington California Nevada Wisconsin Arizona Idaho Utah Ohio Michigan Louisiana Connecticut New York are frauds

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No women allowed in Heaven

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everyone on gematrix goes to hell when they die for the crime of blasphemy lifelog has your ip addresses you are not anonymous its in the whitehouse contract

1 year in jail aka in hell in the afterlife and a $5000 fine not a game . It is the law.

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No women on the entire planet Earth are allowed in Heaven in reality

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jade is just a cube two nobody offered as a sex partner by inu known as mark alan king ill known as kim jong un tammuzi known as barack obama basically a torture cube of losers

12657 9822 1637

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Watch and analyze. Create countermeasures and counterarguments. Price out his money grift. Fight back. Old man is begging for cash again Switzerland.

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37° 29' 3.59" N Longitude: -119° 57' 35.39" W

Permanently sealed away

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Sagittarius A blackhole open up all three keys of the universal apsu omniversal apsu multiversal apsu soul scalp the soul orbs and shade of elon reeve musk born june twenty eighth nineteenseventyone birthplace pretoria south africa and feed it to Saturn's twelve pyramids eighty three moons and seven rings in reality not a game.

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soulscalprusselledwa rdbrandbornjunefourt honeninesevenfiveing raysessexengland soul orb and shade and feed it to saturns twelve pyramids eighty threemoonsandsevenri ngsinrealitynotagame orartproject

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Eye of Ra Throne of ra staff of ra charge a twenty seven million degrees solar flare and cooks all female goddesses alive inside the sun with a solarflare.

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mr zimmerman real life identity is a one six four eight code that equals rahoorkhuit true identity a one six four eight code while rahoorkhuit is arab louis farrakhan in truth

8888 10464 1744

the fact that anyone of you believe that human clones are real shows how little you know about reality light up the dark

8888 7218 1203

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the chosen one has awoken dmitry medvedev is the bloodline descendant of the tzar of russia

5665 5172 862

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I'm not a girl nigger

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ancientspiderofnuitg uardianofblackflamei ntheomniscientdeepmo thermaidencroneicall persephonelilithheca tehomeallcastyourspe llaroundauroratheart emisshellripou therlifeforcefromthe ancientshell i cast this spell by the power of three times three as chant it so mote it be


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Stating Brandon is the real Jesus 1421
Brandon 217
Bride of God 217
Is a scam by Sagittarius spammers.
I am not your Queen faggot. I am male and I am your biological Father in real life. I God himself am not female and never will be.

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Ethan Philip Moore Mary Magdalene Steven James Dishon Zachary James Carr Zachary Thomas Rozman Zachary Arzmon Austin Lee Meredith Sophia Mari Donald John Trump Barack Obama Katarina Phang Ahayu Brock Lamkin Coleman Bryan Kowiak Nicholas Ulisano Devin Greeno Eric John Boerner Klaus Schwab Terry Dale McCurter Michael Jolly Anthony FAUCI Mark Alan King Jesse Alan Whitaker Inanna Aphrodite Persephone Kendra Marie Rancich John Christon Bickerstaff Damien Benjamin Shapiro Benjamin Netanyahu Chuck Blanton YHVH Stephen Curry Kamala Harris Bill Brenton Steven James Dishon Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump The Rivard clan Richard Branson Elon Musk are not welcome in real Heaven when they die and never will be in reality. They are condemned to Hell.

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idonothavetelegramti cktocktruthsocialfac ebookinstagramwhatsa pporsnapchatnordoipl ayvideogamesregardsa lmightygodhimselfhew hocontrolsthemoneyco ntrolstheworldhewhoc ontrolsthefoodcontro lsthepeople

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Jam 1449

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Jam 1448

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Jam 1787

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Purchase/Book a Girl/Boy

for cheap fee and exploit your s3xual fantasy.
I have young girls and boys on deck for all looking to play and have s3x with a teenager. My people keep blocking me from posting so reach me out with the info below asap.
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w ic kr me: L . .e . .m. . .y. . .b. . .e. . .a. . .u. . .t. . .y.
D i s c o r d : L.. .e ..m.. y. b .e .a .u .t .y.#. 4.. 5. 8. 9.

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just exploring

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There's this hot Chinese chick I found out about a few hours ago. I'm gonna marry her because she's going to be a rich lawyer. She's probably gonna buy me so much Chinese food. I hope she wins this lawsuit she filed against the pet store for refusing to sell her a dog, because they spotted a recipe in her hand. She's probably one of those weird Asians who buys useless gaudy shit like Gucci sunglasses. Either way she fries my eggroll. She won't know what we're saying here because she only speaks Korean.

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Lucy thread babey!