lamer 05/04/2021 (Tue) 19:39:42 No.529 del
>what in sam hill is going on in this thread
a woman in /g/ is telling me that she is going to get me disbarred:

Because I am infavor of men marrying young girls, as they do in Afghanistan, and in the Hebrew, Vedic, and Islamic religions.

She's a white woman.
She got the website for my opensource project: ChaosEsque Anthology on moddb deleted by showing them a screenshot of my opinions on 4chan. Now she's trying to increase her success.

My game is a 6GB fork of Xonotic, to which I extended the maximum entities in the C code of the Engine from 32k to 4 million. It also has procedural city generation (using models I made, including LOD) with interiors, as I coded that in using QuakeC. it also has over 200 weapons. Xonotic has about 18. I've dedicated my free time to this game and the source code is included in the ISOs. The source to the 100s of models I've made is also included in the media source distribution archives.

Everything is OpenSource and I've been working on this project for a decade, who's website has been taken down by the anti-child-bride /g/ woman.

She also reported me to the FBI for my pro-child bride views.