Derpibooru Observatory Anonymous Board owner 07/03/2020 (Fri) 07:25:56 No.60 del
Emergency coordination and archival thread.

This thread has been set up to allow coordination in the event of administration suppression of dissent and to try to keep a coherent resource of information amidst the chaos of derpibooru and fasted paced 4chan /mlp/ threads.

The rule against namefaging is suspended for this thread for better coordination with users coming from Derpibooru.

1 Let's try to avoid political shitposting. Not saying some political discussion isn't warranted with this topic but let's not miss the forest for the trees.

2 Please remember if you're new or not used to imageboards this chan is very rough in and in the "wild" in comparison to places like 4chan and you may not want to wander very far.

Note: I am bridgefag, know on derpibooru as doloresbridge. I am the owner of this board.