Reader 07/19/2018 (Thu) 03:24:55 No.11081 del
Please, bitches. Endchan/news is dripping with declared agenda. The agenda of every news post here is either pro-russia, pro-racism, or trump-cuckery. I don't give a shit about is whether you ultra-right conservative fucktards here can admit it or not. What fluffs my balls is the bald-faced lie of the board header disavowing agendas while every post here is nothing but. This isn't a news board, it's an agenda board.

When you delete the particular agendas that you don't happen to like, I cheerfully respond by pointing out the hypocritical asshattery for what it is. So shut the fuck up, take it like men, and stop worrying so much. I'll tire shortly of typing at you sack-headed imbeciles and leave for another six months. You will know when I've returned because you'll suddenly be feeling all uncomfortable and butthurt and vulnerable like you are right now with no choice other than to delete posts to keep the tears from welling in your eyes.