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I had to take some time off, focus on other projects such as cleaning my garage (I'm a bit of a pack rat), getting ready for Christmas holiday (making plans with my family / shopping for gifts) and had to take care of two large branches from an old dead tree that fell down into my lawn simultaneously (looks like one fell and hit another cracking it making it fall as well). Luckily these huge branches didn't hit my home (I might not be typing right now if they did). So that took a couple days of work cutting all the lumber, stacking all the logs and clearing all that deadwood leftover, some of it which fell into my neighbor's yard so I was obligated to clean that mess up because the tree was in my yard. And I decided not to go online yesterday because I wanted to rest. Back now for a few more days, then I'll be visiting family for the Christmas holiday.

>Trump shit holds no interest

Yah, I see a whole lot of news about him, most of it hyperbole (positive or negative). I'll skim through some articles the last week that I missed out on and post any of the important ones the next few days.