Reader 12/29/2018 (Sat) 19:23:32 Id: b992f0 No.13483 del
Main news poster here: thanks for those who posted some updates while I was gone. Looks like a lot of news events took place while I was gone, some being: Israel attacks Syria after US withdrawals troops, Trump grew some balls and refused to sign the govt budget without border wall funding (finally!) so temporary "shutdown" is affecting some low level bureaucrats (big deal, right?), Americans ARE fleeing high taxed states news statistics prove (as predicted would happen), nationalistic protests are spreading across Europe now within some Eastern nations too, Trump legalizes industrial Hemp (this is not marijuana folks, industrial hemp can be used to produce TONS of legal products like clothing, paper, textiles, cardboards, biofuels, oils, ink, mortar for construction, etc), Facebook now banning promotion of industrial Hemp (they want the US DE-industrialized and dependent on highly-controlled Big Tech industry!), Russia is upgrading their nuclear defenses, Russia is also allegedly supporting Palestine's sovereignty now (if true, there will be a lot of shrieking neo-cons & Jews kvetching over this), Kazakhstan stands up to pedophiles who rape children and will mandate castration, Germany legalizes Sharia Law officially (this is the end for Germany).... and more.

I'll be reporting all this within the next couple days so be patient and thanks to all the readers and the BO who does a great job maintaining this board.