"Free Market" My Ass! Mainstream Media Says Someday People Will Only Be Able To Buy 'Smart' CRAP Reader 01/07/2019 (Mon) 21:28:27 Id: 05efd8 No.13625 del
One day, finding an oven that just cooks food may be as tough as buying a TV that merely lets you change channels.

Perhaps we should stock up on older electronics then!

Internet-connected “smarts” are creeping into cars, refrigerators, thermostats, toys and just about everything else. CES 2019, the gadget show opening Tuesday in Las Vegas, will showcase many of these products, including an oven that coordinates your recipes and a toilet that flushes with a voice command.

No thanks. I'm keeping my old stuff!

With every additional smart device in your home, companies are able to gather more details about your daily life. Some of that can be used to help advertisers target you, as well as spooks — more precisely than they could with just a smartphone.

Big Tech companies are glowing in the dark!

“It’s decentralized surveillance,” said Jeff Chester, executive director for the Center for Digital Democracy, a Washington-based digital privacy advocate. “We’re living in a world where we’re tethered to some online service stealthily gathering our information.”

Companies say they are building these products not for snooping but for convenience, although Amazon, Google and other partners enabling the intelligence can use the details they collect to customize their services and ads.

Whirlpool, for instance, is testing an oven whose window doubles as a display. You’ll still be able to see what’s roasting inside, but the glass can now display animation.

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