Reader 01/08/2019 (Tue) 15:00:46 Id: 35b21a No.13627 del
Exactly the point. Notice the title. I'm really pissed about this and luckily I knew they were going to do something like this a while back ago, so I have some older electronics stocked up. Still, its bullshit that we have to be subjected to all this crap that only the dumbest of mindless consumers actually want.

If I can't get a normal refrigerator that isn't spying on me 24/7, then I'm going to buy older used refrigerators and learn how to maintain them. Can't be too hard too hard: keep it clean, dust behind it every year, make sure you fill the freon tank back up every 10 years or so, make sure the gasket seal is not weathered or stripped (you can always replace them), etc. Its time we start learning how to maintain these older products, maybe having some spare models and parts to maintain them. That is, unless we want to rely on IoT and I sure as hell don't.