Scientists Warn 5G Will Blanket Earth With Ultra-high Microwave Frequencies Reader 01/10/2019 (Thu) 16:45:54 Id: ce30d7 No.13643 del
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As the dawn of the next generation of the internet, 5G, approaches, proponents of the new technology can’t seem to stop singing its praises. Faster speeds, better connectivity and nearly instantaneous data transfers are among the promises of 5G technology, but what no one is talking about is the cost of this venture. Beyond the actual financial costs of implementing a new 5G grid worldwide, experts are cautioning that 5G will come with a steep price — and the health of humanity and the rest of the planet will be paying for it.

To make matters worse, anyone who tries to even report on the growing number of specialists and activists sounding the alarm on the dangers of 5G is at risk of being silenced. What are they trying to hide?

As Natural Health 365 reports, former congressional candidate-turned-advocate Kevin Mottus has been particularly outspoken about the potential health disaster that is 5G technology. Mottus has stated that the damaging effects of 5G are already being observed in children. “We are microwaving our population,” the safety activist reportedly declared.

More than 230 scientists, doctors and other experts have weighed in on the ominous threat posed by the soon-to-be-everywhere 5G network.

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