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>“military-style assault weapons,” “assault weapons” which accept detachable ammunition magazines and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammo.
>Turning the entire US into California

Good luck cunt.

>Introducing the bill, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) claimed, “Military-style assault rifles are the weapons of choice for mass murderers.”
>Calling the US soldiers mass murderers

Going for local support already I see.

>Stats published by the Rockefeller Institute of Government, however, show handguns are more commonly used in crimes than AR-15 rifles, which Democrats typically refer to as “assault weapons.”

Now take it a step further and tell the nation who's doing the shooting. If our soldiers truly wanted to protect their country they'd be raiding these bastards for treason. Literally nobody wants this and everybody is getting sick and tired of seeing the same old assholes show up with new gun ban ideas ever 2 or 3 times a fucking year.