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How sad that some chumps have mocked conspiracy truth and Q waves rolling around the bowl of the world. Stupid fuckers, really.

I however gave Q team top level strategic awareness of drug channels they already knew about, via my memes to endchan on horror (and then endchan totally shit the bed and all my threads deleted ho hum).

['reddit' spacing ha ha fuck reddit you groms orbit new enemies we old folks don't even give a shit about and ignored from day one FUCK REDDIT AND THE CHANSHITS] Basically when you speak to a room, only those who care to tune in to you, hear you, that conversation tho in public can be said to have "never been heard by anyone except those who wanted to listen". As endy regulars since DJT election know, my memes rule endchan, and pave the way for the restoration of American values from the shits that have infiltrated and destroyed those things, in media and the political correctness contexts.

Literally next muslims and beaners will be tossing their babies over the wall so they can report to the media on how hard the child hit the pavement on the other side. There is no parenting in them, there is no goodness in them, and they willn't ever fix their shithole country, they are cowards, on two legs.