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>Full total kreig on Mexigang cunts when?
To put myself through Uni, I had to hold down two part-time jobs with bullshit pay. There were always many Mexicans in these positions, but the bottom of the barrel were in the worst side of town. I can't speak for Mexicans in Mexico, but I'm very familiar with Mexican-Americans. My encounters with Mexican bulldykes can be excluded from this summary, as bulldykes of any other race are just as psychotic only because their cunt is wound up tighter than a drum. I've never had any issues with Mexican women. It's the men in Mexican gangs I have noticed with their anti-white attitudes following ZOGbot programming. I spent 3 months working with those pieces of shit in a retail store near a neighborhood where someone was shot at least once a week. They weren't afraid of that. They were afraid of putting in extra hours north where the white people are at because "blue eyes scare me, esse". Every single fucking day on break, where we'd all go outside on nightshift, their constant "jokes" where about dicks, big black cocks etc. This was when they weren't complaining about white people, even though most of them had a white parent and Mexicans are 41% indo-European. 3 months in, I walked into the bathroom to witness the smallest beaner blowing the fat boss beaner at the urinal. That was the minute I walked straight to the parking lot and drove home. In the morning, I called to say I would never work there again. To this day, I'm pretty sure those all-male Mexican gangs spend most of their time buttfucking each other.