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Granted the "autists" over on 4chan and other forums have come out with some pretty wild theories, including claims that Ginsburg is in an induced coma, or brain dead, and there are many "weekend at Bernie" comments flying around suggesting she passed away and "they" are pretending she is still alive so President Trump doesn't get another Supreme Court pick, but to suggest that legitimate questions about her health are some type of conspiracy, seems suspicious after the liberal establishment media made such a fuss over Melania not being seen in public for a far less amount of time.

Others are asking for proof of life, and there are a bunch of memes in that hashtag, but the overwhelming majority are simply wanting to know "Where is Ruth?" The media's lack of coverage, lack of concern on this issue, is only creating more theories, some outlandish, and some legitimate questions about whether they are trying to hide something.

It has been 54 days since Justice Ginsburg has been seen. Any other high profile personality, and the media would be all over it, speculating as they did with Melania, where liberals claimed she could have moved out of the White House, asking if she was hiding because President Trump beat her, working with Mueller, and a whole host of other silliness, all incited by the media's "Melania Watch," clickbait articles.