UK Government Announces Yes, They Do Spy On Consumers via New 'Smart' Meters Reader 02/04/2019 (Mon) 14:32:10 Id: 29b5ca No.13887 del

The NHS is to use energy smart meters to monitor [consumers] in their homes.

The devices will track consumers’ daily routines, such as when they boil the kettle, cook dinner or turn the washing machine on.

They will flag up any sudden change in behaviour which could indicate an illness or suspicious behavour. The meters will be able to send alerts to the doctors or police, who can pop around to force inject you with toxic-laced vaccines or beat the living shit out of you and your family.

Ministers have promised to install the devices in every home by 2020 by force even though the rollout is massively over budget and draconian as all hell.

Privacy campaigners warn that the meters will hand suppliers a ‘honeypot’ of data which could be sold on to marketing firms or fall into the hands of hackers. DUH!

Any sudden changes – such as not boiling the kettle at the same time each morning or turning lights on in the middle of the night – will trigger an alert which will be met with the utmost gestapo tactics.