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#35 Swarthmore College: RELG 033—Queering the Bible
#36 Wellesley College: AMST 281—Rainbow Republic: American Queer Culture from Walt Whitman to Lady Gaga
#37 Wellesley College: SOC 205—Modern Families and Social Inequalities
#38 Carleton College: POSC 275—Black Radical Political Thought
#39 Pomona College: AFRI144A—Black Women Feminism(s) and Social Change
#40 Pomona College: GWS142—Queering Childhood
#41 Claremont McKenna College: GOVT113—Inequality, Politics, and Public Policy: Class, Race, and Gender
#42 Davidson College: SOC 356—Feminization of Poverty
#43 Butler University: RI379—The Problem of God
#44 Creighton University: ANT 178—Global Citizenship
#45 DePaul University: LGQ 338—Sexual Justice: Lesbians, Gays and the Law
#46 Georgetown University: WGST 250—The Breast: Image, Myth, Legend
#47 Providence College: SOC 418—Globalization and Social Justice
#48 St. John’s University: SOC 1170—Inequality; Race, Class and Gender
#49 University of Pennsylvania: RELS 110—American Jesus
#50 University of Pennsylvania: URBS 050—Womanism and Identity Politics in the Realm of Hip-Hop

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