Reader 04/20/2019 (Sat) 13:52:27 No.14517 del
Nothing is 100% safe and I never implied that, however Tor makes it really hard to track users. As we already know, most Tor busts happened because people made stupid mistakes like using the same email address on the darknet and clearnet, or asking on the clearnet for advice that is exlusive to this one pedo site. It's not as easy to track Tor user as you believe, assuming precautions are taken.

Right now you're accesing endchan as a normal site right? ISP sees it and keeps logs of what you're doing. Not necessarily which threads but which sites. Endchan is hosted in US, meaning NSA, CIA, name it, has easy acces to ALL DATA and WHO WRITTEN WHAT. Risky for exposing Jews, huh?

With Tor, ISP only knows, well, that you're using Tor. Now you're thinking about exit relays snooping. With https, it doesn't see what exactly you're doing. This site has .onion link, that only uses normal relays instead of exit relays, making it even harder to profile. With plenty of users, plenty of relays and Tor Browser you're literal no one, like me right now. Try to correlate my activities, protip: you can't cause I'm also generating fake traffic, no way to differentiate it.

As with technical design, Tor is open source and has already been penetrated way too many times. Pedo or drug sites still show and majority of users never get caught.