Reader 04/22/2019 (Mon) 11:17:11 No.14533 del
Seems like FAQ hasn't been updated. Good it's not US but keep in mind hosting in Seychelles is not foolproof.
Suspicious people may appear in Tor staff because Tor was designed to be used by US to protect data of intelligence being transferred online. Acknowledge the whole project is open source and anyone can host relay and they are hosted around the world. There is a reason why China and other countries are trying to block it.

It's obvious attacks against Tor are performed and most of the time are exploiting browser rather than Tor itself.

If this worries you, use Whonix - OS used exclusively in virtual machine. You have two of those machines: Gateway, that connects with Tor, and Workstation where you do your thing. Even if Workstation is attacked, they don't get your IP - because only Gateway knows it! Create new machine and you're good to go.

Right know you use endchan with your real IP associated to you (bought on your ID) - they know EVERYTHING. I took me time to take this redpill. but hey, better late than never.