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I'm not the guy you responded to, however I agree using something like Tor is better than nothing at all. But when you say "better later than never" there is only one little problem: the way the dragnet surveillance was built is designed to always remember (because EVERYTHING is being re-routed and stored for later mining and spying operations). That means one little slip-up, one little mistake of exposing your real IP and its over, your identity can be easily relieved WITHOUT help from the ISP (because they collect everything the ISP does including the MAC registration to individual modems).

Its best to use Tor and/or a private VPN, and/or an OS like Whonix however don't be overly confidant they can't find out who you are. Like I said, if they ever catch you talking here once with your real IP exposed they can find out exactly who you are if they really wanted to.

I recommend opsec/comsec for more personal reasons, such as avoiding hackers, to avoid being doxxed, basic security reasons like avoiding Big Tech from sucking up my data and selling it.