Reader 06/24/2019 (Mon) 19:26:18 No.14939 del
"Announcing a cyberattack" is nothing but a transparent lame-ass political wank with a pathetic barely-one-drop little dribble of jizz at the end. The instant a "cyberattack" becomes known, it is defended against im-fucking-ediately. Effective trojan payloads are not disclosed. They affect their targets in anomalous, vague, very difficult-to-diagnose ways to avoid removal. Alternatively, they disable some critical piece of enemy infrastructure at a critical point in time as part of a larger mission; think clipping telegraph lines in Germany the morning of D-Day. Either way, you don't announce it when it's politically expedient. So, no, there was no big knocking out of Iran's military computers. It's just another load of propaganda bullshit from an administration that can't stop lying about everything.