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The anon who replied to you covered this partly. You believe the words of a jew while crying about others' IQ. How sad for you.
>Your tribe should be learning how to fight the muzzies,
Scotland? Well, I suppose you're right. But the only reason my homeland is flooded with Muslims is jewish plotted immigration.
>because they're gathering at the gates to shoah your tiny little ethnostate,
Hmm. So Shoah means holocaust. I know that because Trump is such a piece of shit, he did this on Yom HaShoah. Muslims are going to be falsely blamed for killing off 6 million Scots? Well, shit. I don't know if my people will be blackmailing Muslims for over 7 decades after that.
>while you're here pretending to be white.
I don't remember ever saying I was white here. Of course my skin is peach and I have Celtic ancestry. But then, you worship a jew while trying to insinuate that everyone who takes issue with you worshiping a jew, is a jew. It takes a special kind of stupid to be someone like you.