Reader 11/21/2019 (Thu) 05:54:24 No.15488 del
Ye think ye need bairn gloves wi shylocks? Aw scared ay sacrificin yoorselves ehen thocht eef arbody white cheiled a shylock eesh we woods nae be ay these mess.

Lit me teel ye somethin laddie. Mammy Scootlund has got it locked wi tha immigration.

Eet willnae be in ten yarrs we woll be wipet oot by nest yarr. Eet hast becum haggistani. Ah cannae donner ten paces withoot a Musleem ur African in mah wai.

Weur fasin ginacide haur. Sae ur ye by tha lochs ay it. An yoore scayd ay authoreitis? Hoo cain yoo call yerself mahn? Dornt bea minge!