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Ah I always was just guessing US would ferry terrorists around by helicopter. I still haven't seen proof myself. But I always had a suspicion they would do so.

Regarding the Kurds. It's a well known fact the US supported Saddam during the Iran - Iraq war.
this my friends is sad how fast the Kurds forget their genocide and the gassing of the Kurds by Saddam, who had US support at the time. The same Kurds are now accepting US aid on their quest to autonomy. In which the Syrian Oil fields they had sacrificed their men to take. Was never a Kurdish region by any significant numbers.

It was probably literally a US operation using the Kurds as their ground forces much like how they use terrorists to shield them from direct confrontation with Syrian Forces on the ground. So they don't have to explain why Americans are coming home in body bags.

So in Short the Kurds should not forget the History with Saddam and US tendency to back stab (Due to their foreign policy) as soon as their 'allies' lose their usefulness they will hang them publicly for failing in the invasion of Iran.

Also for instance when Iraq invaded Kuwait. It's liberation was assured by UK forces as well. Which condemned US forces crossing the Kuwaiti border after it had been liberated. While US officials questioned UK's intentions and even criticized them for not insisting in a full invasion of a former US ally. In order to improve the lives of Iraqis of course.

The sad fact of the matter is US and ally support to the White helmets is Israel and friends way of getting medical supplies to Isis and other terrorist affiliates such as the honorable Al-Nusra Front. Without directly making a 'Support Terrorist act' They just called it a humanitarian group and got Jewllywood to pump out propaganda to try to justify taking American tax dollars and aiding these degenerate groups which are too pussy to directly claim responsibility for their actions in the war.

It also was Israel who harbored Terrorists that escaped from Syria, including their families. Then becuase Israel couldn't justify spending their 'hard earned US support dollars' on terrorist aid. They shipped them off to their subservient Goyim like the UK, Australia and Canada. To take in the oh so humanitarian white helmets and protect them from the Evil Assad government which they have already fled through Israel.

Literally US is waging a war for Israel along with all their little slave goyim countries. To oust a country that isn't taking on enough IMF debt and willfully putting on Jewish shackles after repeated sanctions and reluctance to do proper diplomacy with a country that only ever used embassies properly and does what any country trying to achieve self actualization for it's people would do. And calling it's leader Assad, a civilian killing monster leading a brutal regime that must be resisted.

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